Sunday, July 31, 2016

60 Fluke

Fished Friday with Bob, Jason, Colin, Christian, and Cole for flounder in the bay. We had a great day with lots of action. We easily caught and released over 60 flounder in four hours. Unfortunately, we had no keepers. The action has been great in the bay. Pro Tip: Lift the rod gently from time to time when fishing for flounder. Any resistance or weight is usually a fish. Flatter bites of been very subtle this season.

Back Bay Fluke

Fished with Kevin, Lea, Hannah, Aiden, and Nolan in the bay for fluke. The action continues to be amazing with lots of flounder being caught. We easily caught and released over twenty flounder with constant action all morning. Unfortunately, no keepers. However, as far as catching goes, it is about as good as it gets. Pro Tip: After setting the hook, reel in flounder slow and steady while keeping the rod bent. Save the pumping and winding for the blue marlin, you will end up shaking off more flounder than you get to the boat.

Big Shark

Fished Wednesday with Mike and friends in the ocean for sharks. We had gorgeous conditions which means fishing was going to be tough and it was. We had zero wind all day. I had to bump troll to get things going. We caught one big dusky around 100 pounds. Pro Tip: Light to moderate wind makes for good sharking. A good drift helps to dissipate your slick over a wide area. When no wind is present create your own drift by bumping the engine in and out of gear. It's labor intensive but it works!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fluke Action

Fished today with Sean, Bill, Nick, and Conner in the bay for flounder. We had great action all morning. We easily caught and released over 30 flounder but no keepers today. The action was pretty fast and furious. Pro Tip: Flounder bite best with a certain drift speed. .8-1.0 knots is usually best.

Nine Sharks

Fished Monday with Dan and family in the ocean for sharks. Things started out very slow but we hung in there and it paid off. The action heated up at the end of the trip and we ended up releasing nine spinner, brown, and dusky sharks. Pro Tip: Seasickness sucks. A great short term remedy is to pour ice cold water on the back of the neck. Many times it snaps you right out of it.

Great Fluke Action

Fished Sunday with Steve, Dave, Caleb, and Zack in the bay for flounder. We had good action in the bay. We caught a bunch and ended up with one keeper. Pro Tip: When you put your gulp on the hook just thread the hook through as little as you can to leave as much "hang" as possible. This gives as much action as possible.

15 Sharks

Fished with Josh, Ed, and Jake on Saturday. We had fifteen shark releases. We caught brown and dusky sharks. It was a slow start but the fish came on strong at the end. Pro Tip: The reel's drag does not have to be a static thing during the fight. There are times when adjustment is needed. Back off the drag if the fish dives under the boat until you get clear. Increase the drag to gain the final inches on a big fish. Use caution though, sometimes changes in drag can break the line or cause the hook to come loose.

Friday, July 22, 2016

80 Pound Cobia Part 2

Some more pics from today's monster Cobia that we released. Around five feet long and approximately 80 pounds. Huge.

80 Pound Cobia

Fished today with Larry in the ocean. We headed out for sharks and had four releases. We released three brown sharks and one dusky. The fish of the day though was an enormous cobia we caught and released that was almost five feet long and approximately 80 pounds! Larry fought the fish for 45 minutes and it swam away after a few pictures. Pro Tip: Stay informed of the current regulations. Cobia are closed in federal waters and must be released this year. Things always change and responsible anglers know and follow the rules.

50 Plus Fluke

Fished yesterday morning with Paul, Jeff, Kit, Jed, and Nate. We flounder fished in the bay and we caught over 50 flounder in a four hour trip. We had constant action the entire time with lots of doubles and triples. We had one keeper that was 19". Non stop action. Pro Tip: Be careful with the net. Only net keeper sized fish. The last thing you want is to be tangled in the net with a short fish when the big one shows up.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

More Sharks!

Fished with Gerry and friends yesterday afternoon for sharks. We caught and released about five dusky and brown sharks up to about 100 pounds. It took some time to get them started, but we finished strong. Pro Tip: Seasickness is tough. When in doubt, take medication BEFORE leaving the dock. Once you're sick, the medicine doesn't matter. One trick that will provide relief: pour cold water on the back of your neck. It shocks the system and cools you down. Many times it provides instant relief. It's not permanent, but it works.

100 Pound Shark

Fished with Ben and Greg in the ocean yesterday morning for sharks. We released three dusky and brown sharks up to 100 pounds. It was a little bumpy to start but the seas calmed as the day wore on. Pro Tip: A high rod tip while fighting a fish is only good for two things: magazine covers and breaking rods. The higher the tip of the rod, the less pressure you are putting on the fish.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sunset Stripers

Fished with Scott, Mike, and Dennis last night at sunset. We hit the flats with poppers looking for stripers. Conditions were ideal and the fish chewed well. We caught and released about seven stripers to 26" and we caught two ten pound bluefish. The big blues were a nice surprise. We even had a double header or two. Striper fishing has been great this week. Pro Tip: Spring tides result in higher high tides and lower low tides every two weeks on the new and full moon. This results in more water flushing the bays than normal. This brings the water temp down and increases the oxygen content in the water. As a result, the stripers feed more actively during these times.

Back Bay Fluke

Fished with Billy, Jen, Susie, Ryan, and Taylor Tuesday morning in the bay. We had pretty constant flounder action all morning. We ended up with one keeper and a triggerfish. The highlight of the trip was when Ryan hooked into a true southern stingray that had a wingspan of over six feet! It was incredible! Pro Tip: Green heads love dark colors, especially black. Avoid wearing dark colors, especially black, as the green heads will become more fond of you than your fishing companions wearing lighter colors.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Sunset Stripers

Patty, Ryan, and I headed out last night to fish for stripers on the flats. We had a great evening and we had lots of bites. We caught and released nine stripers to about 26 inches on poppers. We had multiple double headers and great action. Explosive surface bites dominated the evening. Pro Tip: Tide cycles repeat themselves approximately every two weeks. If you have great action on a particular tide, try again two weeks later and you should have similar tide conditions.

Fluke Fishing

Dad and I headed out on Sunday to go flounder fishing in the bay. The flounder fishing has been getting better. We had steady action the entire time we were out. Pro Tip: As the season progresses the concentration of flounder move closer to the inlets.