Saturday, August 24, 2013

Big Fluke

The ocean fluking is picking up. Patty and I headed out for some deep water fluking yesterday. Despite bumpy conditions we caught some nice keeper fluke. Patty's fish weighed over six pounds and we had two other keepers between three and four pounds. We also had a bunch of shorts.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sharks on the Fly

Fished yesterday afternoon with Mike and Ryah. We headed out to catch Ryah the biggest fish of her life. We accomplished landing and releasing eleven black tips and dusky sharks on bait. So Ryah caught a bunch of her biggest fish ever. Mike brought up the rear catching four nice duskys on the fly. Steady action all day. What a blast!

Shark Bite

Fished with Brendan, Mike, Ryan, and Kara on Tuesday morning. We started out catching fluke in the bay. When that slowed we moved out to the ocean and the bite resumed. We had a bunch of fluke and some sea bass that we released. Unfortunately, the largest fluke of the day did not make it to the surface in one piece. Just before the boat a five foot long dusky chomped the keeper fluke in half. Pretty amazing. I guess someone didn't reel fast enough....

Back bay Fluke

Fished with Duane and crew Monday afternoon in the bay. We caught some fluke in the bay but unfortunately no keepers.

Joe Hughes

Blacktips and Duskys

Fished Monday with Tom, Frank, and John. We had around fifteen black tips and dusky sharks that we released boat side. The action was steady and the fish were big. Not much more you can ask for.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Fished with Tom, Frank, and John today for sharks. We had around fourteen or so and had duskys and blacktips. The fish we very active and we had a few multiple hook ups. We were not fly fishing but the fly rod would have been hot today.

Fluke Sunday

Fished with the Mikes on Sunday despite the lousy weather. We had about ten fluke in a few hours. No keepers but we had fun as always.

Joe Hughes

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hammerhead Plus 12

Fished yesterday with Guy, John, and crew for sharks in the ocean yesterday. It was a perfect day. We ended up releasing 12 brown and dusky sharks to 70 pounds. At the end of the day The crew mentioned how cool it would be to catch a hammerhead. Five minutes later the elusive hammerhead was on. After a fun fight we had him boat side for pictures and a clean release.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ocean Fluke

Fished with Kevin and Zack in the ocean today. We caught a bunch of sea bass and fluke. The sea conditions changed a bunch today but it was a very pleasant day. We ended up boating two keeper fluke to 20 inches.

Bay Fluking

Fished yesterday with Bob, Alex, and Laurie in the bay. We caught and released about twenty short fluke in the morning. We had good action but no keepers.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sharks on the Fly

Fished yesterday with Chase and Jeremy. We headed out to catch sharks on the fly. Our day started out slowly as it was perfect. Too perfect. No wind at all in the morning. No wind equals no drift equals no sharks. So we waited and caught some other things until the wind showed. We caught and released some sea bass on jigs and a few small amberjacks on the fly. Finally a little breeze showed up and it was game on. We ended up releasing five dusky sharks on the fly and one on bait. The sharks ranged from around 20 pounds on up to about 60 pounds. Patience paid off and the ocean came alive when the wind came around. We either curse the wind or pray for it. On that day we prayed for it.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Big Sharks

Fished with Anthony and crew on Thursday for sharks. We ended up releasing five dusky, brown, and black tip sharks to 100 pounds. Four of the sharks were over 65 pounds. It was a lot of fun.

Rough Day

Fished with Rich, Shane, and Jake yesterday for sharks. It was rough and we knew what we were up against. The boys wanted to give it a shot anyway. We found the fish but it was a funny bite. We either hooked or broke off five dusky sharks but none made it to the boat. It was a tough day and we headed home early. Rich and the boys have caught a bunch of sharks with me in the past but Friday wasn't our day.

Rainy Day Fluke

Fished Wednesday with Rich, Shane, and Jake in the bay. Despite some rain squalls and cloudy skies the fluke bite well. We ended up with two keeper fluke and again released over thirty throwbacks. We also had a small weakfish, a croaker, and some small sand sharks.

Sea Isle Flounder

Fished Tuesday with Paul and crew in the bay. We ended up with three keeper fluke and had over thirty fluke releases. We had consistent action all morning.