Islamorada Fishing

Islamorada Fishing

Traveling Fisherman Charters
For years I have been going to other locations up and down the east coast and catching fish.  Fishing is great in my area but it is always fun to go to a different place and catch fish, especially when it is prime time there!  As a service, I host fishing trips in locations I am familiar with and where I have caught lots of fish.  Why fish with me?
  • Fish with someone you already know in a new location!
  • Competitively priced
  • Fish longer-I am there to fish, no time limits!
  • Customized trips to suit your needs...I can make arrangements or recommendations for lodging, travel, etc.
I fish weekends and holidays in Islamorada every year from late December through the beginning of April.  I trailer my skiff down at Christmas and leave her there through Easter.  My clients and I have a blast catching a variety of species including: snook, tarpon, redfish, sharks, barracuda, speckled trout, jacks, grouper, and many more species.  It is not unusual to catch a dozen of more species in a day.  I primarily fish the backcountry and Everglades National Park, however when conditions are right we sometimes venture out to the reef for sailfish, snappers, yellowtails, mackerels, blackfin tuna, and mahi.  We typically fish a marathon day Saturday and a full day Sunday.  A holiday weekend just extends the fishing!  It is a great mini vacation to beat the winter blues.  We can fly-fish or spin fish, but spinning rods allow the most versatility in different weather conditions.  Islamorada is a great place to plan a fishing trip to because we will have fun and catch fish regardless of the fishing conditions.

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