Friday, April 29, 2016

Back Bay Blues

Tom and I fished the bay for a few hours and crushed the bluefish. We had every cast action for a while on blues up to 13 pounds. Pro Tip: Be prepared to adjust your game plan. Even when the fishing is fantastic be prepared with your next move before the action quits.

Monster Blues

Fished with Matt and his two sons in the bay. We caught blues from 5-13 pounds and also released one flounder. The fishing has been spectacular this spring with most bluefish over ten pounds. Pro Tip: Learn to use a hook remover and always have one on hand. It's easier on you and easier on the fish. The days of the rag and pliers are long gone.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fly rod Blues

Fished with Tim and Zeph on Sunday morning in the bay. The bite was hot early on and we caught and released blues up to 15 pounds on the fly rod. Zeph also had a nice striper mixed in. The action was every cast for a while. It continues to be very good. Pro Tip: Shallow water requires floating or intermediate lines. Intermediate lines cast better in windy conditions and cut through the chop to make a more direct connection to the fly.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fun for the Whole Family

Fished with John and Laura and family on Saturday afternoon. Despite the rain and wind we went out knowing the good fishing was there. We caught and released big blues up to 14 pounds on jigs. The quote of the day goes to little Jack. He said, "The best part about fishing is that there is no worst part about fishing." I couldn't have said it better. Pro Tip: When you take a kid fishing, make sure to keep it all about them. When they are "done" make sure you stop. Make sure to keep them wanting more.

Back Bay Blues

Fished Saturday morning with Rick Clark and crew. We crushed the big blues on jigs. It was every cast for a while with lots of double and triple headers. The blues ranged from 10-15 pounds. This kind of fishing doesn't get any better. Pro Tip: Keep tight to big blues as they will chew up your line and break you off if you give them any slack.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Blues on the Fly

The big blues have been chewing the fly as well as the jig. Fantastic fly rod action can be had in the spring!

Sea Isle City Blues


Big blues are still chewing in the bay and the fishing is excellent. It's been big fish and smiles this spring!  Afternoons have been great and I have some openings during the week. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Monster Blues

The big blues continue to chew. Dad and Brady came out earlier this week and we caught a bunch of big ones over ten pounds. This is some great fishing! Pro Tip: Dress warmer than you think for spring time fishing. Air temps can be ten or more degrees colder than just a few miles inland. Layers are great. You can always take it off!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Blues and Bass

Fished with Doug on Sunday in the bay. Things started out slow but we changed gears and found some stripers. We released four stripers on jigs. We switched locations and found the big blues. Once we found them it was every cast. We caught over twenty big blues from 8-12 pounds. It was as good as it gets. Spring is in full swing and the fish are here. Pro Tip: Water temperature is super important in the spring. A few degrees can make the difference between epic action and nothing.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Monster Blues on the Fly

Fished Saturday with Peter in the bay. We caught fish almost immediately. We caught blues up to 12 pounds and most were over ten pounds. We caught them on the fly and on jigs. It was every cast for a while. The fish are here and we are experiencing epic action at times. Pro Tip: Fluorocarbon leaders get way more bites than wire. Sixty pound fluorocarbon is my choice for these toothy critters. You may lose a few but you will get way more bites. Retie often and check for nicks every bite.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Big Blues Are Here!

Right on schedule, the big blues are here. We had blues today up to 11 pounds. We also released a few fluke as well. There are stripers around, too. It has begun. No need to wait. Pro Tip: Be attentive for bites immediately after your jig hits the water and begins to sink. Pay attention. You might get bites before you even close the bail and begin to retrieve. If you have never experienced this you definitely missed fish that bit your lure and spit it out before you even began your retrieve.

Spring Stripers

More bass are showing up in the back. The calendar seems to be driving them more than water temperature. It's going to get really good, really fast. Don't miss it. Pro Tip: Jigs are best in the spring. Fish slow and near the bottom. Strikes can be subtle so pay attention!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Stripers

Fished today with Kevin, Zack, Chris, and Ben. It started out very cold and there was leftover ice and snow in the boat from yesterday's storm. We ended up catching one striper on a jig right around high tide. Pro Tip: Slow down your presentation in the cold weather. The fish are less aggressive but they still will bite.

Friday, April 8, 2016


Spring is trying to arrive but this cold weather is holding on. However, we are approaching the time of year when things really explode in the backbays. The fish will chew on earnest very shortly as the calendar will drive the bite and overpower the temperature. Early spring brings some of the best action in the back bays. Blues, stripers, fluke, and weakfish are all possibilities and epic action will be had at the end of April into May. Will the jumbo blues return like last year or will the big trout make an appearance? No body knows. However, one thing is for certain, early spring is king in the back bay. I am ready to go and the fish will be ready to go shortly. Stay tuned. The picks are from last spring.