Thursday, August 30, 2012

White Marlin

Luc, Jay, and I went out to the Wilmington canyon looking for white marlin. We ended up releasing two white marlin. Luc ended up catching and releasing his first white marlin ever.

Sunset Stripers

Fished Tuesday night with JR. We headed out to the flats and JR caught a nice striper on a popper. There is tons of bait in the back. As soon as the temps drop the fishing will get crazy.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back Bay Blues

Fished yesterday with Brooke and Jason. We headed out in the bay despite poor conditions. It was a good idea because we ran into small blues blitzing in the inlet and had fun catching them on jigs.

Friday, August 24, 2012

White Marlin and Dolphin

Fished today with Jay, George, John, and crew. We went offshore to the Baltimore Canyon and caught white marlin and some gaffer dolphin. Great time despite the fact it was rougher than expected.

Mahi and Seabass

Fished yesterday with George and Patty. We went to the deep water reef and caught sea bass and mahi. It was a fun day with an unlikely combo.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Fished with Kevin and friends today in the ocean for sharks. Things started off good with two hammerheads circling the boat. But they wouldn't bite. We ended up with just one brown shark for our efforts. Disappointing day but we had fun anyway.

Late Night Flyfishing

Fished last night with Chris. We headed out for some late night flyfishing. Chris was rewarded for his lack of sleep with more blues than we could count. Every cast for a while. He also released three or four stripers before we called it a night.

Flyrod Fish

Fished with Kevin yesterday morning. Kevin is new to flyfishing and wanted to get started. I gave him a crafting lesson on land first and then we headed out in the ocean for some on the water practice. The practice must have worked because on his first cast in the salt he hooked, fought and landed a fish on the fly! I wonder how many people can say that? Kevin went on to catch bluefish, sea bass, amberjacks, and even sea robins on the fly.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back Bay Fishing

Fished this morning with Chris, Joe, Benji, and Mattias. We fished in the bay and caught fluke and small seabass. It was a very pleasant morning.

Sea Bass and Fluke

Fished with George and Patty yesterday in the ocean. We caught a bunch of sea bass and fluke on the reefs.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weakfish and Bluefish

Fished today with George and Patty. George is always up for trying new things do we went looking for weakfish. This has been the year of the trout. We found them and had a great time. We caught 30 weakfish on Gulp shrimp and jigs. Nothing huge, but catching weakfish now is awesome. We moved on and caught more bluefish than we could count. It was a fun and productive day.

Sunset Stripers

Fished last night with Andrew and Rick on the flats. We caught stripers and blues on poppers. The stripers were up to 27 inches and nine pounds. Very cool bites in shallow water.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Stripers and Blues on the Flats

The tides have been good this week at sunset. I have been getting out at as the sun has been setting and the fish have been responding to poppers and the bites have been explosive. Both stripers and blues have been biting well.

Fluke Fishing

Fished today with Jabin and his crew in the ocean. We went out for a half day bottom fishing. We had a great time catching fish and had a nice twenty inch keeper fluke as a bonus.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Many Fish, Multiple Species

Fished today with Dave, Wayne, Ryan, and Dominic. We caught a bunch of fish in the ocean including fluke, seabass, triggerfish, porgy, sea robins, amberjacks, and skates. What we lacked in size, we made up for with quantity.

Weakfish and Croakers

I took a ride yesterday to change things up. We targeted weakfish on jigs and we succeeded. Please keep in mind these fish were not big but weakfish are weakfish and catching any lately is very cool. We ended up releasing over fifteen trout plus a bunch of small seabass and croakers. Lots of fun on the light rods. I did not flyfish but I am positive they would have chewed on the fly.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stripers on the Flats

Snuck out at sunset last night. We are at the beginning of the good evening tide cycle. There is bait everywhere in the back. The stripers are there and biting well. In short order we caught them and you could hear many more bass feeding in the stillness before sunset. Brady reeled in this nice striper after a little help with the hookup.

Ocean Mixed Bag

Fished yesterday with Rob and Bob. We headed out into the ocean and caught blues, amberjacks, sea bass, triggerfish, and others. What we lacked in size we made up in numbers. The bite was best early.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ocean Fun

Fished today with Craig and Jack in the ocean. We caught an assortment of fish including amberjacks and bluefish. Jack also had a great fight today with a cow nosed ray that actually ate a jig. After a few minutes of chasing the ray down with the boat we released it.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ocean Fishing

Fished yesterday with Paul, Jeff, and Kit. We headed out into the ocean and had a great time catching blues, amberjacks, sea bass, and a keeper fluke. We had lots of action all day.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ten Pound Fluke

My buddy Dusty was out bottom fishing today and caught this monster. 30 inches and 10 pounds!!! It is a beast. The fish will be on tour through the mid-Atlantic states through Saturday...

Dusky Sharks

Fished today with Rodney, Cody, Tanner, and Paul. We headed out sharking. It was a beautiful day but the lack of wind/drift hurt our production. We released three dusky sharks and I pulled the hook on a fourth. The fish were there but little or no drift makes things tough. (This was from last week. It reported for today. Not sure why)

Blues and Triggerfish

Fished Monday with Rich and Shane. We started out in the bay and headed out to the ocean from there. We caught fluke, a bunch of blues, amberjacks, and some triggerfish. The blues were eating lures and we had a blast.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fluke and Weakfish

Fished today with the Mikes and Andy and Alec. We fished the bay and had a good number of fluke with a couple of keepers. We also caught a keeper weakfish. Always fun fishing with great people.