Sunday, June 26, 2016

More Sharks

Fished with Russell, Mark, Drew, and Chris in the ocean for sharks. It was a beautiful day and great conditions.  We had six shark releases today. We had four brown sharks and two dusky sharks. We also broke off two others. I saw at least four hammerheads today but they were not cooperative.  Pro Tip:  Sharks are incredibly strong. Even small ones. They can also easily bite there own tail.  If you are holding the tail you can easily be bitten. Never bring them on board to remove the hook. Release all fish OUTSIDE the boat. 

Joe Hughes


Fished yesterday with Hunter and Ethan in the ocean for sharks. It was a bit bumpy but the Sharks were ready to chew. We released four sharks. Two browns, one spinner, and one hammerhead. Unfortunately, the hammerhead was not cooperative enough for a picture. Pro Tip: Most outboard boats drift now first. Turning your outboard all the way to one side allows the boat to drift more broad side. This gives you a better spread with your baits.

Friday, June 24, 2016

More Fluke

Fished with Jim and John today in the bay for flounder. We had consistent action the entire trip. Things keep improving. We had two keeper fluke today up to 20". Pro Tip: Back troll with your engine. The "right" speed keeps your lines nearly vertical. Too fast and you won't catch and too slow won't catch either.

Three Keeper Fluke

Patty and Dad joined me in the bay for some flounder fishing yesterday. We had consistent action the entire time. Fluke fishing is really improving. We had three nice keeper fluke all around 20". The biggest fish was four pounds. Pro Tip: Slow and steady is the way to reel in a fluke. Do not pump and wind as you will do a great job of shaking off the fish.

Keeper Fluke

Fished with Paul in the bay. We flounder fished and the bite keeps on improving. We had steady action and one keeper a little over 20". Pro Tip: Gulp mullet is a great replacement for strip baits in the bay. They stay clean and work great.


Fished with Jim and family on Monday. We had a bunch of short flounder in the bay. It was a beautiful day and fluke fishing is improving. Pro Tip: Fish the lightest braid possible. Most people use a much higher pound test than they need. Lighter line allows better feel on the bottom.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Sharks are Here!

Fished yesterday with Tom, Colleen, and family in the ocean for sharks. They are here! We had three duskys and three brown sharks. We also saw a humpback whale on the way to the fishing grounds. Very cool. It seems like there are more and more whales around every year. A good thing! Pro Tip: Sharks will drop a bait it they feel resistance. Fish your reels in free spool for best results.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Three Keepers

Fished with Rick, Danielle, Chase, and Mia in the bay yesterday morning. We had around fifteen fluke and three keepers to 20" in the bay. Fishing has been good in the right conditions. Pro Tip: Instead of striking hard when feeling a flounder bite, lift gently to see if the fish is there and then firmly set the hook. Immediate hook sets pull the hook out of the mouth of a flounder trying to inhale your bait.

Back Bay Fishing

Fished with Tom, Tom, and Mike yesterday afternoon in the bay. Fishing was slow and we only had one fluke. Pro Tip: Water temp can vary greatly in the bay. Pay attention to the temp when you catch and look for similar temps in other places to hook up.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fluke and Seabass

Fished yesterday with Kevin and Zack. We caught a bunch of fluke in the bay and had one keeper around 20". We moved into the ocean and caught a short fluke and a nice sea bass. Pro Tip: Note the coloration on the white side of flounder. If it is bright white the fluke are actively moving and feeding. If the white side is dirty or stained the fish are more sedentary and require a slower presentation.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Back Bay Fluke

Fished with Peter and friends today in the back bay for fluke. We had a slow steady pick of fish all day. We had one keeper fluke around 20". Pro Tip: In moderate to heavy wind, find places where the wind is perpendicular to the current. This way you can use your engine to negate the wind's effect and have a more controlled drift and be more productive in difficult conditions.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sea Bass

Fished with Matt, Tyler, Val, and Brendan today in the ocean. We went sea bass fishing and had non stop action all day. We had a good amount of keepers to about 20". We also had ling, bergalls, and a winter flounder. Pro Tip: When wreck fishing keep your lines as vertical as possible. Anything other than straight up and down is an invitation for a snag.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Back Bay Fishing

Fished with Brendan, Val, and Tyler in the bay. We hit the flats and caught a striper on a popper. We switched gears and caught some flounder. We had one keeper around 20". Pro Tip: Sometimes flounder like an actively jigged lure. Other times they like a still rod tip with little movement. Experiment with both and stick with the one that produces.

Fly fishing

Fished with Lisa and Anne on Saturday morning. We were fly fishing. The ladies had some bluefish bites and we landed one bluefish. Pro Tip: Sometimes depth is more important than distance when fly fishing. Cast sinking lines up current and waggle out the remaining line. Allow all the extra coils to sink before beginning the retrieve.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sea Bass

Fished with Steve, Elam, and friends Saturday morning. It was a beautiful day so we headed into the ocean to catch some sea bass on the reefs. Fishing was fast and furious and I lost count of how many sea bass we caught. We also had a few ling. We ended up with about fifteen keeper sea bass. It was a great day. Pro Tip: Instead of anchoring, you can use your engine to maintain a stationary position over a wreck. This is great for prospecting and it allows you to quickly fish multiple spots without wasting time anchoring and re anchoring. This is especially useful in deep water. You can always anchor after you find the hot spot.

Inshore Slam

Fished with Doug in the evening. Fluke fishing has been slow so we had to get creative and think outside the box. It paid off. We had an inshore slam catching blues, a striper, some fluke, and yes, one weakfish. The weakfish was the first of the season. All on jigs. We had nothing huge but it was steady action on light rods. Blues were the most common catch and one was about five pounds. No pictures of the bass or blues. We were in catching mode and I should have snapped a shot but I didn't. Pro Tip: Keep a logbook. Remembering where you had fish in the past at a certain time of year gives you options when things are slow.