Sunday, July 5, 2020

Five Pound Fluke

Fished with Joe and family in the bay today. We had lots of action with flounder and we had two keepers. One was 24" and five pounds and the other was four pounds. Great day. Pro Tip: Whether or not you jig, you should pick up your rod tip frequently. Flounder have a habit of just hanging on without you noticing. Picking up the rod helps you feel fish that are just hanging on and going for a ride. If you feel weight, set the hook.


Mike and I headed out to catch a yellowfin tuna. We were successful landing a 45 yellowfin.

Sunset Stripers

Fished with Rich and his son for stripers at sunset. We had good action and caught and released several nice stripers on top water.

Spanish Mackerel and Fluke

Fished with Greg and Dominic in the ocean. We trolled up a bunch of Spanish mackerel and small blues. We moved to the bay and caught one keeper fluke and a bunch of shorts.

Sunset Stripers

The sunset popper bite was good this week in the bay.

Back bay flounder

The flounder bite has been strong in the bay. Good numbers with nice keepers mixed in.


Fished with Mat and crew in the Wilmington canyon. We had four 40-50 pound yellowfin tuna and pulled the hook on a fifth. Great day on the water. Pro Tip: Tipping spreader bars with ballyhoos ups the chances for a bite.


The sharks are chewing. The bite usually lasts well into August.