Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More Montauk

Fished with Peter, Anthony, and Patty on Sunday in Montauk. We decided to fish a different area for a change of pace. We found the albies but they were choosing to be difficult. Albies are like that. We hooked three and pulled the hook on all of them. Time to chase the fish back home in Sea Isle! Stripers are starting to show up at home already. Let's get going. Pro Tip: Accurate casting can mean the difference between catching and not catching albies. We hooked up only when we made accurate casts. That can be difficult with small pods of fast moving fish.

Montauk Finale

Fished with Peter, Anthony, and Patty in Montauk last weekend. We headed out to catch some albies. We ended up with nine albies and one striper. We had them on the fly and on metal. The bite was tough at times but when it turned on it was great. Pro Tip: Everything matters. If you are not getting a bite and the fish are there something needs to change. We dropped down our leader size from 30 to 20 pound test and the bites increased. On tough days little changed can make a big difference. It is not always the lure.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Fished with Darryl, Bill, Matt, and Dave in Montauk. We went deep and jogged up some big blues from 10-15 pounds and some keeper sea bass. We had constant action all morning. Sea bass is open in New York. Pro Tip: While I am not usually a wire fan, it was necessary today. I use knotable wire made by AFW. Knotable wire allows you to make faster, cleaner connections. Always tighten wire by pulling on the tag end, not the standing part. Pulling on the standing part results in a "curly cue" that prevents the jig from acting correctly.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Blues and Sea Bass

Fished with Darryl, Matt, Bill, and Dave in Montauk on Saturday. We caught 3 albies, more 10-15 pound blues than we could count, several keeper sea bass, and one 24 pound striper. All on jigs and metal. We had the blues and bass on bunker schools and the fish were very cooperative. When the bite slowed, we moved to deeper water and found more big blues and keeper sea bass. Sea bass is currently open in New York. Pro Tip: When targeting big blues, wire is not always the answer. 60 pound fluorocarbon is sometimes a better choice resulting in more bites. Be sure to re-tie frequently if your leader becomes chaffed. You make break a few off but you will get more bites.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Montauk Albies

Fish with Darryl, Dave, Matt, and Bill in Montauk. The action was epic as is typical. The first trip we had over 30 Albies and one bluefish. The action was hot and heavy most of the day with lots of doubles and triples. Things were very very good. Almost all the fish were caught on the surface with a lot of visual bites.  Pro Tip:  When fishing metals for albies keep your top low and very still while reeling as fast as you can. Then reel faster. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Back to Normal

The weather has finally returned to normal and hopefully the fishing will return as well. I buddy sent me this picture. Not sure who took it but it is pretty cool!