Monday, August 31, 2015

Sunset Striper

Finished with Joe Sunday evening for stripers on the flyrod. We had one striper on the fly and called it a night. Pro Tip:  Strip the fly like you mean it. Happy retrieves equal aggressive bites.

Sharks on Fly

Finished with Joe on Sunday morning. We had it out in the ocean to catch some sharks on the fly and on bait. We did both. We started our day by Joe hooking up with a 70 pound dusky shark that Joe caught on the flyrod. He also caught a smaller spinner shark on the fly later in the day. We were two for two. We also had eight or nine more dusky and spinner sharks that we caught on bait. Fishing was very good. Click on the link for a video of the trip.

Pro Tip: When sight fishing, people tend to react prematurely to a bite. Slow things down and wait to feel the weight of the fish before striking.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Leatherback Turtle Rescue

While fishing with Dan and Dusty on the Real Deal in Wednesday we came across a huge leatherback turtle that was wrapped up in a commercial sea bass pot line. It had two wraps around its neck and three around its right flipper. We immediately went to work to free the turtle. These turtles are big, hundreds of pounds, and of course she didn't know we were trying to help her so it wasn't easy. But after a lot of maneuvering and untangling we were successful and the big leatherback swam free. Click on the link below to watch a video I took of the rescue.   Pro Tip:  Observation is key to having a successful day on the water. Today success had nothing to do with catching fish. 

Joe Hughes

More Sharks

Fished yesterday with Mike, Brent, and his sons. We went sharking in the ocean. Things started out great and we had two spinner sharks and an 80 lb dusky right away. Released as always. Then the wind switched and things slowed down. We had a humpback whale breaching around us most of the day and she put on quite a show. Very cool. Pro Tip: Cable leaders are better than piano wire for sharks because they kink less resulting in more bites.


Jay, Luc, Trevor, Bob, and I headed offshore today. We had quite the conditions change today from rough to flat calm and everything in between. We landed several nice mahi and missed a white marlin.

Sharks on Fly

Fished with Jerry and his son Chris on Monday for sharks. We set out to catch sharks on the fly and on bait. We did both. Jerry went 2 for 4 on sharks on the fly and we had several others on bait. They are still here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mahi and False Albacore

Dan, Dusty, and I headed out to live bait for some mahi. We had a couple of small mahi and two jumbo false albacores. We also helped a giant leather back turtle that was tangled in some fishing gear and set her free. On the way in we saw a humpback whale. Pretty unusual for this time of year.

Back Bay Keeper Fluke

Fished with Jamie, Clayton, Thad, Jamie, and Haden Tuesday morning. We flounder fished in the back bay. We had two keeper fluke to 20" and several throwbacks. There were a few short sea bass mixed in as well.

Houndfish and Sharks

John, Johnny, Dusty, Dusty, Nolan, Ryan, and I went shark fishing Sunday morning. Fishing was great and we had several sharks up to about 110 pounds. Dusty also caught and released a nice Houndfish. Fishing continues to be good!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Afternoon Sharks

Fished with John, Darryl, and friends for sharks last Wednesday afternoon. It was good. We had dusky, spinner, and brown sharks to 100 pounds. We released around a dozen sharks.

More Sharks!

Fished with Steve and his sons on Friday for sharks. It was very good. We caught spinner, dusky, and brown sharks to 100 pounds. We also had a small hammerhead shark. I lost count but I think we had around a dozen.

Light Tackle

Fished with Brendan and family on Thursday afternoon. We hit the ocean and caught some banded rudder fish and small amberjacks on lures. We then hit the flats looking for stripers but the tide was midday and we drew a blank. Tides will be better this week.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

17 Sharks

Fished with Jim and friends on Wednesday morning in the ocean for sharks. It continues to be very good. We had 17 shark releases up to 100 pounds. We had dusky, spinner, and brown sharks. We also hooked and lost a small cobia.

15 Sharks

Fished with Peter and friends on Tuesday afternoon for sharks in the ocean. We had fifteen shark releases and caught dusky, brown, and spinner sharks to about 80 pounds. The fishing was really good and we had a few double headers mixed in as well.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Four Pound Fluke

Fished yesterday morning with Peter, Edward, and Vivian. We fished the bay and caught short fluke and sea bass. We also released a cow nosed ray and a huge true stingray. The fish of the day was a four pound 21 inch fluke.

5 Pound Fluke

Fished with Rick and his children Mia and Chase on Sunday morning. We fished in the bay and caught some short fluke and sea bass. Chase had the fish of the day with a nice five pound fluke he caught on his own. Lots of fun!

6 Pound Fluke

Patty, Tom, Ryan, and I went ocean fluking on Monday. We had three keeper fluke up to six pounds plus a bunch of shorts. The other two keepers were five and three pounds respectively.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Headed offshore with John, Chris, and Lindsey on Saturday. We had several shots at white marlin and landed nine mahi. It was a flat calm beautiful day.

More Fluke

Fished with Mike and family today in the ocean and the bay. It was a tough afternoon but we caught a few at the end. The highlight of the trip was a stingray that Patrick caught in the inlet.

First Fluke

Fished this morning with Rick, Mia, and Chase. We fished in the bay and caught a bunch of short fluke. The fish of the day was caught by Chase. He caught a beautiful 5 pound fluke on a jig today all by himself. Mia and Chase both caught their first fluke today and I have a feeling they will remember it for a long time.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Spinner Shark

Fished with Chuck, Jim, Phil, and Tom for sharks in the ocean yesterday. Things were much slower than normal. We caught and released a spinner shark and a dusky shark. The dusky was about sixty pounds.