Sunday, May 26, 2019

Flounder Season Opens

Fished with Yuri and friends in the bay yesterday. We had some fluke and blues. A few were close but no keepers. Pro Tip: The more vertical you line the better your jig works.

More Bluefish Action

Tom and I headed out in the bay. The tide was low and the wind was blowing but the fish bit anyway. We had blues in all sizes up to around nine pounds. It was good. Pro Tip: The shallower the water the faster the retrieve. The deeper the water the slower the retrieve. Good place to start.

Bay Blues

Fished with John, John, Jack, Mason, and Hugo in the bay. We had non stop bluefish action with blues to around ten pounds. Pro Tip: Connect wire directly to a flourocarbon leader with a double uniknot.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Big Bluefish

Fished with Big Mike and Greg. We found the blues quickly and caught a bunch on jigs up to around ten pounds with a variety of sizes mixed in. It has been good. Pro Tip: Under fill your spinning reels with braid. This reduces the occurrence of wind knots greatly.

The Boys

Snuck out for a very quick trip with Ryan and Brady. Brady caught one and we headed in.

Blues and Bass

Fished with Cameron, Robert, Janes, and Matt in the bay. We ran up the numbers catching blues and schoolie stripers one after the other. It was very good. Pro Tip: The time to experiment is when you are catching fish, not when you're not.

Right Place

Ryan and I were heading out for a quick trip and picked up Bluefish Bud on the way. We had a bunch of blues in mixed sizes. The biggest was ten pounds. Pro Tip: Be sure to set the hook on the big blues. Just because they are screaming line off doesn't mean they are hooked.

Big Blues and Bass

Fished with Tim and Tiff day two. Started off in a mini bass blitz. Caught a bunch of stripers in a variety of sizes. Then we changed gears and caught some blues up to about 14 pounds. Pro Tip: While I hate wire, with blues around over ten pounds it becomes a necessity. Rigged right, it won't stop the stripers from biting.

Getting it Done

Fished with Tim and Tiffany in the bay. Despite lousy weather we headed out and made it work with a nice blue and a beautiful fly rod striper. Pro Tip: A wise man once said the worst weather can be the best weather for fishing. Not sure if that is 100 percent true but I catch a lot of fish in lousy weather so maybe there is something to it...

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Big Blues in the Bay

Fished with Matt and Ryan in the bay. We we had a banner day with blues from 4-14 pounds. We also had a few bass on poppers as well. Fishing is really heating up in the bay. Gotta love spring Pro Tip: Vary your retrieve to see what works. Shallow water usually requires a faster, steadier retrieve. Deeper water and faster current usually requires you to slow down.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Weakfish and Blues

Ryan and I snuck out for a quick trip after school. It was a tricky bite. We literally had bites on every cast. After releasing over a dozen blues and one nice trout we headed to baseball. Pro Tip: Location is everything. Sometimes a move of only 10 or 20 feet is the difference between epic and nothing.

Stripers and Blues

Fished with Tom and Biff in the bay. We found several blues on jigs and changed gears. We switched to top water and caught some stripers on the flats. Pro Tip: The best top water bite in our area lasts in the bay from May through October.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Back Bay Blues

Fished yesterday with Ron and his father Ron in the bay. Things started out tough in the morning but really picked up in the afternoon. We had about a dozen 3-5 pound blues and a fluke or two. Pro Tip: Sticking it out pays off. The fish sometimes get funny and only bite for brief periods of time during certain parts of the tide. Quitting early may mean you miss your shot.

Fluke and Blues

Fished with Paul and Dave in the bay. We had some nice fluke and a few decent bluefish. The bite was tough but we made it work. Pro Tip: Spring bites can be extremely subtle. Be prepared strike anything that feels different. Sometimes it is just a light touch.

Evening in the Bay

Fished with Bud, Travis, and Cameron in the bay. It was good to get the tackle shop crew out on the water. We had a great night catching fish the entire time. We had bluefish and weakfish on jigs. Pro Tip: Slowing down your retrieve, even slightly, increases your odds of catching a weakfish.