Friday, November 24, 2017

48” Striper

Fished today with Coz, Chip, Coz, and Zach in the ocean for stripers. Things started out slow but we kept at it. We finally found the fish and our search was worth it. We started out trolling and had four stripers over 40". We switched over to jigs and we caught another eight or nine on jigs. Almost all were over 40". The fish of the day was a 48" almost fifty pound striper we caught on a jig. Pro Tip: The more vertical you can keep your line, the more effective it usually is. This means reeling in your jig and redeploying as your jig drifts behind the boat.

Monday, November 20, 2017

More Back Bay Stripers

Fished with Sam and Nan in the bay on Saturday. We started off strong and we had fish on our first two casts. We ended up releasing ten stripers. About half were on jigs and the other half was on spot. The fish are starting to chew in the ocean but the back bay action has been great. Pro Tip: The wind frequently changes on the tide change. It will either change speed or direction when the tide changes. On Saturday, the wind shifted and really started blowing when the tide changed.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Stripers in the Bay

Fished with Jay, Jake, and Brian in the bay on Sunday. We caught and released two stripers and one fluke. We had one bass on a spot and the rest of the fish on jigs. Pro Tip: Keep your baits clean and free of seaweed. Even a little piece will deter fish from biting. In addition, weed begets weed. A little weed seems to attract more weed. Keep it clean for the most bites.

Back Bay Bass

Fished Saturday with Jim, Peter, and Andrew in the back. We caught and released about seven bass and missed a few others. The fish continue to chew and this should continue for a few more weeks in the back. All the fish were caught on jigs. Pro Tip: Vary your retrieve. Deeper water usually means a slow jigging retrieve. In shallow water, a slow steady retrieve can be very productive. When you get a bite, be sure to stick with what worked.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

15 Stripers in the Bay

Fished today with John, Kevin, Jack, and Mason in the bay. The action continues to be good and we had around 15 stripers to 29" that we caught and released. All the fish were caught on jigs. We even had a triple header at one point. Pro Tip: Make sure your jig is clean. The smallest piece of seaweed or grass on your jig will eliminate any fish's desire to bite it.

25 Stripers

Fished with Doug in the bay on Saturday. We had a great day catching and releasing 25 stripers. We had no keepers and all the fish were schoolies. The action was consistent all day. Pro Tip: As water temperatures cool, jigs become more effective than poppers. Subsurface lures become increasingly more effective.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Albies in Sea Isle

Ryan and I fished sunset. At his urging we headed out to the ocean in search of albies. We only had a limited time, but we found them chewing and we hooked up immediately. In about a half hour we landed seven albies and pulled the hook on two others. They are still here. Not sure for how long... Pro Tip: Our local albies have been acting very different than the Montauk albies. They only surface briefly and casts must be quick and accurate to produce.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Back Bay Stripers

The stripers have been biting in the back bay. This one ate a spot in the bay last weekend.