Where do we meet?

We meet at Sea Isle Bait and Tackle in Sea Isle City unless otherwise arranged.  Sea Isle Bait and Tackle is located at 42nd and Park Road in Sea Isle.  Take your first right as you come off the bridge.  Proceed under the "Welcome to Fish Alley" sign.  The shop is located on the first corner on your left.

What do I need to bring?

I supply all the bait and equipment.  You do not need to bring any fishing equipment unless you chose to do so.  If it is not the right tool for the job, I'll have the right thing.  Feel free to bring food and drinks, but please NO ALCOHOL.  And yes, beer is alcohol.  Boat coolers are provided.  Small coolers are fine, but please no large coolers.  Sunscreen is strongly recommended even on cloudy days.

What about shoes?

Comfortable non-skid shoes are recommended.  Please avoid black soled shoes where possible as they can mark the deck.

How many people can go on the trip?

I will take up to six people not including me on the 24' custom center console "NorthEastern".  I will take up to three (two is preferred) on the 18' Scout flats boat "No Clear Line."  The allowable number of people may change due to the nature of the fishing.  If any person in your group is over 300 pounds the captain reserves the right to limit the number of people allowed for safety, comfort, and capacity reasons.  It is important to note that there is no need to "fill" the boat.  Less is sometimes more.

What about the weather?

All weather decisions are up the captain.  I am happy to discuss the situation and every effort will be made to accommodate requests and concerns.

How do I reserve a trip?

To reserve a trip you can call, text, or email me.  My phone is 609-827-3442.  My email is CaptainJoeHughes@gmail.com.  A $100 deposits is required to reserve the trip.  After a reservation is made the day is held out of courtesy until a deposit is received.  If the deposit is not received in a reasonable amount of time the day may be rebooked by another interested party.  Reservations are non-refundable-if a trip is cancelled due to weather.  The expectation is that both parties make a good faith effort to reschedule.  If a good faith effort has been made to reschedule and it was unsuccessful, refunds will be considered on a case by case basis.

What about my deposit?

No shows or late cancellations forfeit their deposit.  The expectation is that a good faith effort will be made by both parties to reschedule if the trip is cancelled due to weather.  Refunds due to weather will only be considered if an effort was made to reschedule and it was unsuccessful. 

How about tipping?

Tipping is customary but not required.  If you had a good time it is a great way to show your appreciation. 

What are your rates?

18' Scout Flats Boat
1-2 People (add $50 for a third person)
$500 for four hours
$575 for five hours
$650 for six hours

24' Eastern Custom Center Console
1-6 people
$550 for four hours “Half Day”
$750 for six hours  “Full Day”
Some specialty trips may vary.
Prices subject to change due to fuel prices.

Destination trip rates vary according to boat and location and differ from my "standard" rates.  These rates are available upon request.

Offshore trip rates vary with fuel prices and are available upon request.

Can I pay you online?

You can pay me online through PayPal or Venmo.  Click on this link and follow the prompts.  SEND ME A TEXT IMMEDIATELY AFTER MAKING A PAYMENT THROUGH PAYPAL SO I CAN CONFIRM YOUR PAYMENT.  My phone number is 609-827-3442.  Please include your name and the date of your trip.  Click here to pay online:

Venmo @Joseph-Hughes-159

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