Saturday, September 28, 2013

Montauk Big Bass

Fished with Anthony and Peter today in Montauk. We started off the day catching some big bass on the jig. We had a forty plus inch striper that was almost thirty pounds bass on ten pound braid. The runner up for biggest fish was a 36" bass. That was in addition to several thirty plus inch bass. We had bluefish to over twelve pounds as well. The jig out caught the fly today by a wide margin but we caught fish on the fly as well. We had fish boiling around the boat most of the day. Anthony also caught a fluke that we released on a jig.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Montauk Day 1

John and I fished Montauk today. It was slow going in the morning. Lots of running. We found them late am and hammered blues from four to eight pounds in flys and on jigs. Lost count. We also caught a striper and broke one off.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fluke Fishing

Fished last Sunday with Patrick and crew. We slammed the bluefish first thing and then settled into fluking. We caught a good amount of fluke but no keepers on that day. Heading to Montauk today.

Joe Hughes

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blues Out Front

Fished today with Charlie and Mike. We wanted to go fluking but the wind was cranking. Instead, we played the hand we were dealt and changed our game plan. We found a bunch of blues and caught over twenty on jigs in short order and could have easily caught more. We tried fluking for a bit but the conditions made it unproductive. We then moved into the bay and Mike caught some nice sandsharks. It wasn't what we planned, but it was a fun and productive day.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Two Six Pound Fluke

Fished yesterday with Kevin and Zack in the ocean. We started out catching blues one after another on jigs and lost count. They were from one to three pounds. After that we headed to a fluke spot and caught a bunch. We ended up with eight keepers and two of those were over six pounds. One of those was close to seven. We had over thirty fluke for the day easy. Fishing is has been great!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blues and Fluke

Fished with Doug again today. We crushed the bluefish in the ocean again on jigs. Again just about every cast resulted in a bite or a fish. We were not flyfishing but it would have been awesome on the fly as well. I lost count. We then moved to catch some fluke. The action was awesome. We had bites or fish on almost every drop. It was drop down and reel in a fish for a while. We ended up with five keepers and dozens of throwbacks. Non stop action for hours. Today was the good old days. I also had a jumbo sea bass that I had to release.

Five Pound Fluke

Patty with another big fluke from the bay a few weeks ago.

Blues and a Bass

Fished Tuesday with Doug. We first headed out in the ocean and absolutely crushed the bluefish. It was every cast for a while on jigs. We left them biting with an hour of daylight left and went looking for a striper. We poked the flats in the bay and threw poppers. We scored one striper on the flats before the sun went down. Lots of fish and tons of fun.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mahi and Fluke?

Strange combo I know, but this time of year it can happen. Steve, Jerry, and Ryan joined me for some ocean fluke fishing. While there are still flounder in the bay, the majority of the fish have made their way to the ocean. We were fishing for five minutes when a mahi followed Steve's bait to the surface and pounced on it. We then proceeded to catch over twenty fluke and brought home six keepers to 22 inches. We also had several bluefish as well. The ocean fluke fishing has been very good if you get the right weather day.

Sharks are still here

Julio, Sergio, Chris, and the boys joined me for some Sharking earlier this week. The fishing continues to be great for these fast fighting fish. We had several in short order. The sharking typically comes to an end in September, but every year is different and the fishing is still on!