Sunday, August 27, 2017

Fluke and Sea Bass

Fished with Mike, Mike, Al, and Bob in the ocean for fluke and sea bass. We caught four keeper fluke to over five pounds and we had four keeper sea bass. We had lots of action with shorts as well. Fluke season closes the beginning of September. Pro Tip: if you must break off a jig due to a snag, point the rod directly at the snag so there is no bend. Then cup the spool on a spinning rod or thumb the spool on a conventional rod to create enough tension the line parts at the rig. Never ever cut the line at the reel. This leaves lots of unnecessary line in the water.

More Sea Bass and Fluke

Fished with Matt and friends on Thursday in the ocean for fluke and sea bass. We had three keeper flounder to about four pounds and a few keeper sea bass. Lots of shorts were mixed in. Pro Tip: Sea robin and sand sharks cut into strips make great flounder bait.

Sea Bass and Fluke

Fished with Doug and friends on last Wednesday in the ocean. We had a good day catching fluke and sea bass. We ended up with two keeper fluke and three keeper sea bass. We had a good amount of action with the shorts as well. Pro Tip: Sea bass have the ability to change genders. Most larger specimens are female.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Seven Pound Fluke

Tom, Rich, Ryan, and I fished in the ocean for flounder on Saturday. We ended up with four keeper flounder. The largest of which was seven pounds. We also had a six pounder. I'm addition, we had three or four keeper sea bass and a bunch of throwbacks. Pro Tip: Only net keeper sized fish. Netting smaller fish may tangle the net and prevent you from landing the big one.


Fished with Bruce and family on last Thursday. We headed out in the ocean for fluke. We had lots of shorts and one keeper fluke. Ocean fishing continues to produce. Pro Tip: Immediately reversing the boat after a snag usually frees the jig. Let out some line and reverse the direction of pull. Then thumb the spool to create tension and free the jig.

19 Shark Releases

Fished with Dave and friends last Wednesday in the ocean for sharks. We had an epic day with 19 releases. We had spinner, dusky, and brown sharks. Fishing continues to be awesome. Pro Tip: Always allow sharks to run with the bait before setting the hook. The spool should be accelerating when setting the hook.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Fished with Tom and Frank on Tuesday in the ocean for sharks. The bite was on and we had around 15 releases to about sixty pounds. Spinners, browns, and duskies all are our baits. Sharking numbers have been great. Pro Tip: The Weather Channel's hourly forecast is very reliable for wind speed and direction. It helps a great deal with trip planning.

Monday, August 14, 2017

18 Sharks

Fished with Ron,Santino, Joey, John Sr. and John Jr for sharks in the ocean. Fishing was hot and we caught and released 18 spinner, dusky, sandbar, and brown sharks up to around 70 pounds. Fishing has been very good. Pro Tip: Avoid thumbing the reel when setting the hook. This can prevent any give in the system and break the fish off. Set your drag correctly and rely on that pressure to set the hook.

Flyfishing for Sharks

Fished with Mike and Ryan on Friday in the ocean. Are goal was to catch fish on the flyrod. The mahi action was nonexistent so we switched over to sharks. The action was really good and we had nine shark releases on the flyrod up to about 60 pounds. Pro Tip: You rarely feel a shark biting your fly. Watch for your fly line to move to indicate the shark has your fly. Then a slow strip strike seals the deal and it's off to the races.

Sharks and Fluke

Fished with Scott and crew on Thursday in the ocean. We started out sharking and it was great. We had over a dozen releases and we caught spinner sharks and duskys to about 60 pounds. After that we moved on to catch a few fluke. We had a six pound and a four pound fluke plus a bunch of shorts. We also had a few sea bass. Pro Tip: Reversing your drift immediately after snagging the bottom will frequently dislodge the snag. Reverse and let a little line out. Then gently apply pressure in the opposite direction. This usually gets back all or most of your rig.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ocean Fluke

Fished with Joe, Carmen, and crew today in the ocean for fluke. We caught a bunch of flounder and had two keepers. The biggest fish was about four pounds. We also had some sea bass as well. We also caught and released four spinner sharks that surprised us and ate our flounder rigs. It was a great way to end our day. Pro Tip: Fishing around wrecks for flounder can be very productive. It can also be expensive due to snags. Keeping your jig as vertical as possible minimizes snags. The more angle the more snag prone your jig is.


Fished with Bruce and Jerry last night in the bay. The tides were a little past peak and despite the beautiful evening we couldn't connect. Looks like we have to wait until the next tide cycle.

Joe Hughes

15 Sharks

Fished with Grant, Rick, and crew on Tuesday in the ocean for sharks. We had 15 shark releases up to about 50 pounds. We had spinner and dusky sharks. There were lots of smaller sharks around. Pro Tip: Adjusting how much your chum bag dips in and out of the water affects how much chum is dispensed. The more it "tea bags" in and out of the water the more chum is dispensed. Less chum flows when the bag floats in the water. Adjust the bag to suit the conditions at hand. Sometimes more is better. Sometimes less.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Fished with Tom and friends on Sunday for sharks in the ocean. We had about a dozen shark releases. We had spinner and dusky sharks. Sharking continues to be good. Pro Tip: Birds sometimes get tangled in lines. Cover their head with a towel. This calms them down. They usually relax enough to get them untangled without harm.