Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Islamorada Day 3

Fished with Joe our last day in Islamorada. We caught a bunch of jacks, snappers, runners, and yellow jacks before calling it a day. It has been a great season in the Keys. Pro Tip: Book Keys trips early. I typically book my winter keys trips between September and December.

Islamorada Day 2

Fished with Joe on day 2 in Islamorada. We hit the flats and scored a bunch of lemon sharks while sight fishing. We also had a few bonnethead sharks mixed in. We then switched over and caught mangrove snappers, lookdowns, groupers, blue runners, yellow jacks, and jack crevalles. Lots of action and beautiful weather, what else can you ask for? Pro Tip: Keep and wire to leader connections out of the rod tips prior to casting. Wind knots and short casts are the best things that can happen from that mistake.


Fished with Joe in Islamorada. We started out catching a bunch of jacks, Spanish mackerel, and snappers. We jumped and subsequently broke off a jumbo tarpon that was well north of 100 pounds. The fish of the day was a 25 pound permit that dragged us all over until we were able to boat it for some pictures and a quick release. Pro Tip: Set up your boat so you have immediate access to everything you need. Hook removers, gloves, pliers, and boga grips should always be easily accessible.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Islamorada Day Two

Fished with Brooke and Jason day two in Islamorada. We did great with big jacks up to ten pounds and we had lots of them. We also caught the usual assortment of snappers and jacks and others. We also had two nice bonefish. Pro Tip: Fish Gulp shrimp in situations where a fast retrieve is required and live bait wouldn't stay on the hook.


Fished with Brooke and Jason last weekend in Islamorada. Fishing continues to be great. Day 1 we caught a bunch of snappers and jacks. We moved to the flats and had a great time sight fishing lemon sharks. We caught and released several up to eighty pounds. It was good. And the weather was perfect. Pro Tip: Make sure to rig up and tie all your knots before applying sunscreen. Slippery hands make tough knot tying and the fish definitely done like the added flavor.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Monster Mangrove Snapper

Fished with Grant and Rick on day two in Islamorada. We headed back to Cape Sable. Water conditions were not great but we caught some reds and a few snook. We headed back to Islamorada and caught a bunch of jacks, snappers, and blue runners. The fish of the day was an enormous mangrove snapper that tipped the scales at ten pounds. What a trophy! Pro Tip: There are several ways to hook shrimp. On a jighead I prefer to insert the hook through the shrimp's mouth, just in front of the "brain."


Fished with Grant and Rick in the Keys. Day one had us catching snappers, jacks, and cudas. We moved on to the flats where we had shots at tarpon and sharks. We caught and released several lemon sharks up to forty pounds. Great fun on light tackle. Pro Tip: Polarized sunglasses are a must on the flats. Copper colored or dark brown lenses are best in shallow water.