Sunday, August 25, 2019

More Back Bay Action

Fished with Jackie and friends in the bay. We had a blast catching a variety of fish. Sand sharks, sea bass, fluke, and sea robins all pulled on the line. Pro Tip: Not only are sea robins edible, they are delicious. However, you need big ones to get any meat off of them.

Back Bay Fishing

Fished with Grant, Max, and Rick in the bay. While keepers have been scarce, we caught a ton of flounder, sea bass, and sea robins. Pro Tip: Make sure to celebrate every fish with kids. There is no such thing as a trash fish to them.

Sunday, August 18, 2019


More pics from yesterday.

Bay Fishing

Fished with Jackie and friends in the bay. We caught fluke, sea bass, sea robins, and sand sharks. Pro Tip: Let kids take breaks, eat snacks, and play with the minnows.

Bay Fishing

Fished this morning with Grant, Rick, and Max. We had fun catching fluke, sea bass, and sea robins in the bay. Pro Tip: Be prepared to make your day about the kids. When they are done, it's time to go. Always leave them wanting more.


Fished with Butch in the ocean for mahi. We did not have much success on the troll but we managed to live bait several mahi to save the day. Pro Tip: Circle hooks are best when using live bait. Remember to point the rod and reel to set the hook.

Back Bay

Fished with Mike and his buddy in the bay. Rough ocean conditions forced us to change plans. The bay saved the day. It wasn't the day we planned but we had fun on the water. Pro Tip: Play the cards you're dealt and create a doable game plan despite the conditions.

Albies and Macks

Fished with Brian and crew in the ocean. We trolled up some king mackerel and false albacore. The king mackerel bite has been very good this season. Pro Tip: King mackerel need lots of respect in the boat. Their teeth can be dangerous. However, wire is not necessary.

Bonita and Mahi

Fished with Joe and crew in the ocean. We caught some bonita and mahi. The inshore bite has been hot. Pro Tip: Despite their teeth, wire is not necessary for bonita.


Fished with Matt, Mike, and Grant. We headed out to the canyon but things were slow. We moved inshore and caught five nice mahi and two false albacore. Pro Tip: Light drag is key for mahi and marlin. Otherwise pulled hooks may be a problem.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Bonita and Mahi

Fished with Ken, Kathy, Morgan, and Luke. We trolled up some bonita and then found some small mahi. Ken caught one of the mahi on the fly. Pro Tip: Fast retrieves are usually needed to keep mahi interested. Keep it moving!

King Mackerel and Mahi

Fished with Bill and crew in the ocean for mahi. We caught some small mahi and had a nice king mackerel. Pro Tip: Be very careful with king mackerel as there teeth are very sharp.

Mahi Trolling

Fished with Mike and his boys in the ocean for mahi. We trolled up several up to 15 pounds. Great fun on light tackle. Pretty good eating too! Pro Tip: Take pictures of mahi as soon as they come out of the water. They rapidly loose their color in the fish box after they are out of the water.

Bonita and Mahi

Fished with Dennis and crew in the ocean for mahi and bonita. We caught a bunch of both inshore trolling. Pro Tip: Even though bonita are toothy critters, wire leaders are unnecessary. 50 pound flourocarbon works great.

More Bonita

Fished with Todd and crew in the ocean. The bonita bite was hot and we trolled up a bunch. The rods were bent most of the day. Pro Tip: Keep the boat in gear after a hook up. There's a great chance for multiple hookups. This also lessens tangles.

Mahi and Bonita

Fished with John and Tom in the ocean. We trolled up some mahi and bonita. The inshore bite has been good. John also caught a bonita on the fly. Pro Tip: Keep only what you are going to use. With fish like mahi it is easy to get carried away. Be realistic and let the rest go.