Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Fished today with Kevin, Zack, and Robbie. We headed out front to play with the dusky sharks. It was slow going at first but the bite turned on late. We released four and broke off some others. We also caught a big hound fish. That's the long skinny thing in the pictures.

Canyon Fishing

Fished yesterday with Tom, Brian, and Brian in the Baltimore Canyon. Our goal was to catch a white marlin. Unfortunately, it wasn't our day.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Tournament Win!

"Can you say First place! Thanks again Joe! Post this on your web site! 2012 Avalon Yacht club fishing tourney!"

That was the email I received after taking Bruce and his two sons, Dylan and TJ fishing Saturday. They entered the Avalon Yacht Club Tournament on the day we fished and we came in first place! We won with Dylan's nice trigger fish. It was a beauty! The picture says it all! Congratulations guys! I wonder what days I get to have the trophy???

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back Bay Fluke

Fished with Judy, Max, Matt, and Jess in the bay. We had fun catching fluke in the bay. All three kids caught their very first flounder. Very cool.

Inshore Variety

Fished this morning with Bruce, Dylan, and TJ. We caught triggers, blues, fluke, sea robins, and sea bass out in the ocean. It is always a blast watching kids catch a bunch of fish. The ocean was beautiful.

Inshore Sharking

Dusty and I snuck out yesterday to catch some sharks. We released a bunch of dusky sharks to 70 pounds. We even had a shot at a cobia. Fun day.

Family Fluke Fun

Fished with Ren and his family on Thursday. We caught a bunch of fluke in the Backbay.

Fluke Fun

Fished with Judy, Max, Matt, and Jessica in the bay. We had fun catching fluke. Each of the children caught their first fluke ever. Always a blast watching kids catch their first fish!

Inshore Variety

Fished with Bruce, Dylan, and Tj today. We headed out in the ocean and caught triggers, bluefish, fluke, sandsharks, seabass, sea robins, and skates. We were pulling on fish all morning.

Inshore Sharking

Dusty and I snuck out yesterday on his new ride. We had a blast catching duskys and even had a shot at a cobia. The boat rode great!

Family Fluke Fishing

Fished with Ren and his family Thursday. We went looking for flounder in the Back Bay and found them. No keepers today but we had action throughout the trip.

Family Flounder Fishing

Fished with Ren and his family today. We went looking for flounder in the Back Bay and found them. No keepers today but we had action throughout the trip.

Captain Joe Hughes

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shark Bite

Fished today with Ron, Jason, Gavin, and Aden. We had a great day catching at least 20 dusky sharks to around 80 pounds. We had lots of singles, a few doubles, and even a triple. It was very good.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Fished today with Mark and Dominic. We headed out to tangle with the sharks. After catching and releasing a few nice duskys, we hooked the final shark of the day. After hooking the shark we promptly got spooled in about sixty seconds. Almost three hundred yards smoked off the reel instantly. The fish never even slowed down. No idea what it was or how big. Never saw it. I liked the picture of the top of the spool and how the grease was sprayed out from the center.

Sharking with the Sharbers

Fished Monday with the Sharber clan. They are the kind of people you just know you're going to have a good time with no matter what. In addition, they always bring the good karma with them! We headed out sharking and had a blast releasing several nice dusky, brown and blacktip sharks. Jackson even hooked a hound fish but that one came unglued. Great time as always.

Back Bay Fluke

Fished Sunday with Mike, little Mike, and big Mike's Dad. We headed out in the bay to catch some fluke for little Mike. We did. We even had a nice keeper fluke as well. Always a blast watching the little guys catch fish.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Stripers at Night

Fish last night with Dave. We went flyfishing for stripers in the dark. We had a good night dodging thunderstorms but the fish were very cooperative. Dave released about seven stripers on the fly. They were his first.

Sea Bass and Fluke

Finished with George yesterday in the ocean on the reef. We caught a bunch of seabass and fluke. It was a little bouncy in the morning but it got nicer as the day progressed.

Captain Joe Hughes

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stripers on the Fly

Fished last night with Mike. We were chasing stripers on the Flyrod. We found them. Mike caught at least a dozen stripers before we called it quits. It was every other cast fishing for a while.

Captain Joe Hughes

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Flyfishing Variety

Fished with Mike today. We headed out in the ocean to catch fish on the flyrod. We started out catching amberjacks and triggerfish on the fly. We moved on and caught a bunch of bluefish on sinking lines and clousers. We caught a huge sea robin on the fly, too. We moved on and set up a slick and caught a nice dusky on the fly fairly quickly and released him. Then we released a small cobia on the fly. The cobia was around 26 inches. The highlight of the day was Mike hooking, fighting, and releasing an 80 pound dusky on a ten weight. It was a great visual bite and the fish immediately ran off close to 20 yards of line. We hooked one last shark at the end and after a long run the shark pulled the hook. Lots of fish and a fun day.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ocean Variety

Fished with George today in the ocean. We caught fluke, bluefish, sea robins, a nice trigger, brown sharks, and a big dusky shark. It was a beautiful day.

Back Bay Fluke

Fished yesterday with Mike and Ryah. We went fluke fishing in the bay. It was Ryah's first time fishing in salt water. We caught a bunch of fluke including two keepers in two hours. Ryah is pictured holding her first saltwater fish.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Stripers in Shorts

Fished with Tim and Tiffany on the flats. We started out catching some short fluke while we waited for the tide. Then we moved onto the flats. With water temps hovering around 80 degrees I wasn't super optimistic. But it was a new tide cycle and I had to look. Five minutes into poling the first flat we hooked our first bass. We ended up with around twenty bites and brought six stripers to 27 inches to the boat for release. We also pulled the hook on a few others. All of these fish were caught in less than 18" of water. Despite the water temperature, these fish were happy and aggressive. It was a fun evening.

On a side note we were discussing a new name for the blog...how about "As the Prop Turns...." as in "like water through the marsh, these are the tides of our lives..."

These are the things that come up in discussion when you've been fishing for 22 hours straight.