Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sea Isle Albies

Fished with Brian and friends yesterday in Sea Isle. Sea bass was our primary objective but I had other ideas as well. This time of year can bring albies and lots of them. On our way to the sea bass grounds we "stumbled upon" blitzing Albies. We caught and released six or seven Albies on jigs before making our way to the sea bass grounds. We could have done that all day. After hitting the Seabass grounds it was nonstop action. We had fish on every drop and easily surpassed the hundred fish mark. Lots of shorts with lots of nice fish too. Pro Tip: I've said it before but preparation for possibilities can turn a good day into a great day. Be prepared for any possibility in the area you were planning to fish and the time of year.

Montauk Sunset

Heading home in the setting sun on the last day at Montauk.

More Montauk Pics

More Montauk pics from our trip with Doug. Lots of fish in the flyrod too!

Montauk Finale

Fished with Doug last Saturday in Montauk. Fishing was epic with blitzing stripers. Our final release totals were way over 60-70 fish. We also had a few big blues and sea bass. Pro Tip: different situations call for different types of retrieves. Don't be afraid to experiment and then apply a successful retrieve in a similar situation in the future.

More Montauk

Fished again with Ron and Mike in Montauk. The blitzing stripers continued. Lots of action. Bites and fish all morning. Pro Tip: Keep your rod tip close to horizontal while jigging so you have room to strike.

Montauk Blitz

Fished with Ron and Mike in Montauk. We had a banner day Saturday and Sunday. Saturday brought bass blitz after bass blitz. It was every cast at times. Pro Tip: Most jig bites occur as the jig is falling. Make sure to maintain contact as you lower the rod.