Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Albies in Sea Isle

The albies have followed me home from Montauk and they are here in my home waters of Sea Isle. It has been good and is reminiscent of Montauk fishing. Also, sea bass season opened and fishing has been great. I have a few openings this weekend and next weekend. Call me at (609) 827-3442 if you are interested.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Last Day in Montauk

Fished with Doug and Patty in Montauk today. It was my last day in Montauk for the season and it was fantastic. We only fished for a few hours this morning because I was bringing the boat back to New Jersey today. We had good action this morning catching over ten albies in a little less than two hours. Pro Tip: When casting into the wind, a lower trajectory gives you more distance and less wind knots.

Montauk Albies

Fished with Doug and Patty in Montauk on Saturday for albies. It was wide open and we had well over 35 albies on fly and spin. Unweighted soft plastics were the ticket and we had virtually non stop action all day. Pro Tip: Down wind casts lessen wind knots when casting unweighted soft plastics.

More Montauk Albies

Fished a second day with Paul, Dave, Bob, and Marsh in Montauk. We had another epic day releasing over 30 albies plus a few blues. The action Montauk has been red hot. Lots of doubles and triple headers. Pro Tip: Usually a fast retrieve is standard issue for albies. However, a well placed cast in blitzing fish followed by slow twitches with a soft plastic usually results in savage bites.

Montauk Monday

Fished with Paul, Bob, Marsh, and Dave in Montauk last Monday. We caught and released over 35 albies on spinning rods. Fishing has been epic. Pro Tip: Albies should be released head first like a torpedo into the water. This jump starts them so they can swim off.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Montauk Albies

Forgot to post this from a previous trip in September. Fished with Dave, Bill, and Darryl in Montauk. The albie action was great. Note the triple header picture. The tricky part is landing them all the same time, snapping a quick pic, and returning them to the water asap so they swim away. Epic action. Pro Tip: You must be prepared to move with an albie. You are not going to turn that fish. Failure to move with the fish will certainly result in a breakoff on something sharp, like the engine.

10 Albies

Fished with Kathy and Ken on Sunday in Montauk. We had a nice day and we caught and released at least ten albies on the fly and on the spinning rod. The Montauk albie bite has been excellent this year. Pro Tip: The higher the rod tip when fighting a fish the less pressure you are putting on the fish. This prolongs the fight unnecessarily. The rod should never be higher than 45 degrees and preferably less than that.

Monday, October 9, 2017

15 Albies

Fished with Kathy and Ken on Saturday in Montauk. Fishing was great and we had 15 Albies on the fly and on spin. Fishing continues to be awesome. Pro Tip: Albies are line shy at times. Try scaling down your leader to 20 or even 15 pounds.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

35 Plus Albies

Fished the last day with Darryl, Dave, and Bill. It started out very rough but turned into a beautiful day. The fishing was on fire. We had well over 35 albies and a few other sea bass, blues, and porgies. We had a bunch of doubles, and a few triple headers during the day. It was good all day. Pro Tip: A fast retrieve is usually the ticket for albies. However, when they are frothing on the surface, try slow twitching a soft plastic and hang on. They love it.

Montauk Albies

Fished with Bill, Darryl, and Dave on day two. We caught and released about ten albies and a bunch of 2-3 pound blues. The weather was much nicer today but the fish were a little tougher. Pro Tip: Approach fish from up wind and up current. Casting is easier and you will stay with the fish longer.