Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It Keeps Going...

Fished Sunday with Jay, Jake, and Bill. We headed out in the ocean to where they were biting on Saturday. However, the fish had moved. We made a long run to a different spot and found birds working along with the fish. We caught about seven stripers to 22 pounds on jigs. How long will it last? I'm going to Florida soon, maybe even before the fish leave! Pro Tip: Jigs are made of lead and plastic. To make them appealing to the fish you have to move them like you mean it. Most jig bites occur on the fall. Jig up sharply but slowly lower the rod at the rate of the jig sinking to feel subtle bites. You will catch more fish if you pay attention to the fall of the jig.

Stripers Still Good

Fished with Peter and Ray Saturday morning. We headed out despite a strong cold wind. It was bumpy but the fish were there. We caught six or so stripers to 18 pounds on jigs. The fish are still here and it has been a great season. Pro Tip: Wave theory. Big waves need three things to form. All three are equally important.
1. The wind has to blow hard.
2. The wind has to blow for a long time.
3. The wind needs to blow over a large area of water. This is called fetch.
We had strong winds out of the west/northwest. In our area that means it will be calm along the beach and rougher as you progress farther offshore as the fetch increases. We were able to fish close to the beach in strong winds and relatively calm conditions because there was little fetch.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jigging Stripers

Fished today with John, Greg, Kevin, and Sam in the ocean. We started off trolling and caught one early. The action was slow so we made a move. We found the birds and the fish feeding on top. We switched over to jigs and caught a bunch. It was not an easy bite and the fish were a bit finicky but we got them to chew. We caught between 20-25 stripers, one big bluefish, and a five pound fluke. It was flat calm and beautiful. Pro tip. Rod angle plays a part in fishing jigs. A high rod tip will swim a jig much higher in the water column than a low rod angle. The fish were on the surface and the high rod angle made the difference at times between bites and no bites.

Forty Stripers

Fished Saturday with Sam, Nan, and friends in the ocean. We started off trolling and we caught fish right away. We had around ten bass and then switched over to jigging. The bite really turned on and we racked up some numbers. We caught another thirty stripers and a couple of big blues. The fish of the day was a 24 pound bass caught on a jig. It was very good. Pro Tip: Move your jig like you mean it. The action in your jig should come from your rod movement, not from you reeling. The reel should just be picking up line.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

CBS News-Whales

The abundance of whales has attracted some media attention. The news interviewed me last night. Here is the link. 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Big Stripers

Fished with Dean, Ed, and Mike today in the ocean. It took a little bit to get dialed in but we found them big time. We had around 25 fish to 25 pounds on the troll. We had mostly singles with a couple of double headers and one triple header. We also had whales putting on quite a show around us all day. Pro Tip: Bait doesn't automatically mean there are stripers present. Bait behavior will indicate the presence of stripers. Happy relaxed bait pods mean no predators are present. Nervous, flipping bait means bass are present.

More Stripers on the Troll

Fished with Matt and Leslie in the ocean for stripers. We found consistent action on the troll. We caught around 18 stripers and one big bluefish. The biggest fish was 18 pounds or so. Pro Tip: When trolling close to the beach, weed can be an issue. Check your lures for weed if you were catching fish and then things slow. The fish may still be there but not willing to eat a weeded lure.

Stripers on the Troll

Fished with Jim and Kevin. We trolled up around a dozen stripers to about 20 pounds. We also had a big blue and we did catch one striper on a jig. We had consistent action throughout the trip. Pro Tip: When trolling heavy lures like mojos or umbrella rigs and you hook a fish do not pump and wind. Pumping and winding allows the fish to shake the hook and use the weight of the lure to dislodge the hook. Just keep the rod bent and maintain steady pressure. You will get more fish to the boat.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Surface Blitz

Headed out in less than ideal conditions the other day with Dusty, Dusty, and Ryan. We found big fish busting on top. We caught a bunch of stripers on jigs to over 20 pounds. It was amazing. The bite is on. Pro Tip: Know your birds. The type of bird indicates the type of bait that's being eaten by the fish. Gannets feed on large bunker and herring. Terns feed on spearing and bay anchovies. Seagulls pick up scraps. If there are seagulls present the action has been going on for a while. Knowing the bait allows you to adjust your lure and presentation to improve your chances of success.