Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Back Bay Fluke

Fishing continues to be strong in the bay! Lots of action!

Ocean Fluke

Fished in the ocean. We had keeper fluke, keeper sea bass, and weakfish on the reef.

Family Fishing

Fished with Baqir and family in the bay. We had two keepers with lots of action in the bay. Pro Tip: Flounder fishing in the bay is a great way to get kids interested in fishing.


Fished with Joe and crew in the bay for flounder. The action continues to be good. Pro Tip: The best speed for drifting for flounder is between .5 and 1.0 knots.

More Sharks on The Fly

Fished with Mike in the ocean for sharks on the fly. We had an unusually slow day and only hooked and released one. Normally, we see many more. Pro Tip: Bright flys help the angler see the shark inhale their fly. This is important to setting the hook.

Back Bay Fluke

Fished with Lou and crew and partnered with Capt Tyler to do some flounder fishing in the bay. We had a combined seven keeper fluke and released a ton more. The action has been great. Pro Tip: Flounder fishing is a deliberate activity. Good fluke anglers always outperform passive bottom draggers.

More Bay Flounder

The bite has been good!

Sharks on Fly

Fished with Mike and Ryan for sharks on the fly. We hooked and landed two on the fly and had several other shots. Pro Tip: Do not move the fly once the shark sees it.

More Flounder!

Back bay action has been good!

Fluke Fishing

Back bay flounder fishing has been hot!

Sea Bass

Fished with Matt in early June for sea bass when the season was open. We limited out on nice sized sea bass and had drop and reel fishing all day. Pro Tip: Location, location, location is huge for catching keeper sea bass. They don't like baits moving quickly. Also, while this is not true for most species, in general bigger sea bass are found farther farther and offshore.


Fished with Doug and Ryan for spring weakfish. We had a blast catching them on jigs and on the fly. Pro Tip: Slow retrieves on the bottom are key to getting weakfish to bite.

Back Bay Fun

Took Brady, Alex, Will, and Aiden out in the bay for some windy day fun with sandsharks. Lots of fun when the wind blows. Pro Tip: Lots of fun can be had with lots of fish that are not usually targeted. Keep an open mind, especially with kids. There are no "trash" fish.

Seven pound Fluke

Back bay fluking has been great. We had a monster seven pound flounder on this trip. Pro Tip: Bay fishing is usually in fifteen feet of water. Once you hook a fish slow and steady reeling is key. Do not pump and wind!