Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Islamorada Day 2

The family and I fished last Sunday in Islamorada. We caught a bunch of fish. We started on the flats and caught and released some big lemon sharks up to about 70 pounds. At one point we had over ten lemon sharks in our field of view. We made a move and caught pompano, jacks, Spanish mackerel, snappers, gag groupers, and lookdowns. We also jumped three tarpon. Pro Tip: While sight fishing, learn to read the fish. Twitching or moving your bait or lure is entirely dependent on the fish's behavior. Moving or not moving the bait at the right moment makes the difference between a bite and a refusal. This is a skill that comes with practice. Just remember to let them eat when they want to! I watch a lot of people pull the bait or lure away from the fish just as they are about to eat!

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