Saturday, August 11, 2018


Fished with Butch yesterday in the ocean for mahi. We had perfect conditions and we made the most of it. We caught four mahi up to 12 pounds. We also jumped off a few others. It was a blast of a day. Pro Tip: Nothing beats naked ballyhoo for mahi. Learn to rig them so they swim.


Fished with Dennis and Dennis in the ocean on Thursday morning for sharks. We were plagued by variable winds that dropped out on us. We had very little drift. We did release one brown shark and we had an epic battle with a huge stingray. Pro Tip: Ideal Sharking conditions include steadily increasing wind.

Bay Fluke

Fished with Jackie and crew on Thursday afternoon in the bay. We had fun catching fluke, sea bass, sea robins, and even a bluefish. Pro Tip: During the dog days on summer, you can find clean water closer to the inlet. The fish will be there too.

Keeper Fluke

Fished with Joe, John, Caroline, and Brendan in the ocean on Wednesday. We had some short fluke and one keeper fluke. Check out the whole squid the keeper threw up. Pro Tip: Fluke usually eat the jigs on the fall.

More Shark Pics

These are a few more pics from Jerry's shark trip on Tuesday.

Big Sharks

Fished with Jerry and crew on Tuesday in the ocean for sharks. We had six releases. We had dusky and sandbar sharks from 80-130 pounds. It was a very good day. Pro Tip: Drift is very important in shark fishing. No wind equals no sharks.

Back Bay Fluke

Fished with Jason, Tiana, and Sierra in the bay for fluke. We caught some short fluke, sea bass, and some sea robins. Pro Tip: Crabs love gulp. Make sure you bring more than you need in the warm water months.