Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Six Pound Fluke

Fished yesterday with Anita and friends. We started out sharking but there was absolutely no drift so we changed gears. We headed into the bay for some fluke fishing and we found them biting. The fish of the day was a six pound, 24" fluke and that was closely followed by a 23" fluke that was around five pounds. We also released a bunch of shorts. It was a beautiful day on the bay and everywhere else. Pro Tip: Fluke are sight feeders so water visibility is important. Sometimes success is a result of finding the cleanest water around. The water clarity is not always the same everywhere in the bay.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Striper Tides

Roy, Brady, and I headed out at sunset for some stripers last night. We had one nice striper right a dark.

Back Bay Fluke

Brady, Ryan, Roy, and I hit the back bay for some fluke. Fishing was good despite the wind.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Sharks are Here

Ryan and I headed out today to scout for some inshore sharks. We found them in their usual haunts. It was a quick trip and we released a few before heading in.

Keeper Fluke

Fished yesterday with Bob, Kathy, Reed, and Heath in the bay. We caught two keeper fluke to 21" and released a bunch of shorts. We had a bunch of fun. Thankfully the wind finally slowed down. Pro Tip: Braid has much less stretch than mono and is a much better choice for bottom fishing. This allows for much better feel.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Fished with Rick, Danielle, Chase, and Mia in the bay on Saturday. We started out catching fluke. By special request, we changed gears and caught Chase a big sand shark. After that we went back to catching flounder. We ended up with one keeper fluke. Pro Tip: In windy conditions, look for places where the wind is perpendicular to the current. Then use your engine in reverse to negate the wind. This will give you the best possible drift.

Four Keeper Fluke

Fished Thursday with Steve and Tim in the bay. We caught a bunch of fluke. We had four keeper fluke to 21" and a bunch of throwbacks. Pro Tip: Sometimes fluke want an actively moving jig and sometimes they want a still rod tip. Experiment with both techniques to see which one works better on a given day.