Sunday, July 15, 2018

Stripers on the Flats

Fished with Jerry last Wednesday evening for stripers on the flats. We caught four on poppers. Love those topwater bites! Pro Tip: A steady rhythm with a popper produces the most strikes.

More Sharks

Fished with Gary, Trevor, and Jack in the ocean for sharks. We had several releases and had mostly brown and dusky sharks. Pro Tip: Sharks are very tentative creatures. Never let them see you move a bait or they will be unlikely to eat it.


Fished with Jim, Pete, and Hugh last Tuesday. We hit the ocean for sharks. We had four or five including a 125 pound sandbar shark and a spinner over 100 pounds. Pro Tip: Learn to identify the local sharks. We have several different species. They are not all "brown" sharks.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Patty and I headed out to catch some dinner yesterday afternoon. We ended up finding a few mahi not too far from home. We caught two and missed two others and called it an evening. Pro Tip: There are many ways to rig baits. Learn as many as possible. Sometimes only one of the ways will work in a situation.

More Fluke

Fished with Amon, Michael, and Shamus yesterday. We fished in the bay for fluke. We caught them and lost a nice keeper just before he was reachable with the net. Pro Tip: Never pump and wind with fluke. There is a good chance you will just shake them off.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Fishing the Shallows

Fished with the Shallows today in the bay. Amon, Michael, and Tom joined me for a morning of fishing. We caught several fluke and had fun despite the breeze. Pro Tip: You should be able to feel the bottom when you pick up and lower your rod. If not you have seaweed, too much or not enough line out, or there is a fish on your line.

Take a Kid Fishing

Fished with Grant and Max in the bay. It's was Max's first fishing trip on a boat. He caught his first flounder and many more. It is always a blast watching a child catch their first fish! It never gets old. Pro Tip: Make fishing about spending time together. Not about filling a cooler. Memories last longer than dead fish.