Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Montauk Day Two

Patty and I fished Sunday in Montauk. We had steady action all day. We ended up with around 18 stripers, jumbo sea bass, porgies, and all the 3-7 pound blues you wanted. Fishing was good and the fall season is off to a great start. Pro Tip: Even though fish may be showing on top, many more lurk below. The deeper fish are frequently more eager to bite.

Sunday, September 16, 2018


Patty and I headed up to Montauk this weekend to begin our Montauk season and get the boat up there. We were not disappointed. Saturday we found the jumbo stripers and we had around 8-10 stripers up to 44". We had two fish in the 44" range. We also had sea bass up to 19". There were also some porgies and even a tog. All the fish were caught on jigs. It was a great way to start the season.

Back Bay Bass

Ryan and I headed out in the bay earlier this week. We found some stripers at sunset on poppers. Great bite despite the 80 degree water temperatures. Pro Tip: While stripers prefer cooler water they have the ability to feed and live in a variety of temperatures. I have caught stripers in water temperatures ranging from 38-85 degrees.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Mahi and Albies

Fished with Joanna and Mike last Monday for mahi. We ended up with four small mahi and an albie. We had a touch of bad luck and hooked and lost two gaffer mahi and another albie. Lots of bites. That may be my last mahi trip as the weather and Montauk are coming. Pro Tip: Keep the rod bent. A bent rod is the cushion that keeps a fish from throwing the hook.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Albies and Mahi

Ryan, Jay, Patty, Luc, and I headed out to catch some mahi yesterday. We caught two mahi and we lost a few more bigger fish. We also caught a few nice sized allbies. Pro Tip: When trolling, keep your baits in the clean water in the wake. Baits in the white water are hidden from the fish's view.


Fished with Patrick and Kirsten in the bay on Wednesday. We had a fun day catching short fluke, lots of sea bass, and some sea robins. A fun day in the bay. Pro Tip: Action is key to getting kids hooked on fishing. Forget about keepers, focus on numbers.


Fished with Peter and friends for mahi in the ocean last Monday. We caught two mahi and jumped off a third. Pro Tip: Do not pull back on fish when they jump. It is a sure way to break them off.