Monday, March 12, 2018

Tarpon Pics

These are some pics that I took from last weekend's tarpon. We hooked three and released two boatside. Fishing in the keys has been good.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


We headed out on Sunday and the fish continued to bite well. We had constant action with jacks, snappers, mackerels, and blue runners. The highlight of the day was a 60 pound, 50" plus tarpon that hit my jig. After a bunch of jumps we brought her boatside for a quick release. Pro Tip: When fighting big fish, the line should always be going out or coming in. A bent rod with no line movement allows the fish to rest and prolongs the fight.


Headed to Islamorada last weekend with Patty, Mom, and Dad for a fun weekend. We started off on Saturday catching nonstop snappers, jacks, mackerels, and blue runners. Fun fishing at its finest. Pro Tip: Keeping your jig moving, even if it's slow, minimizes snags.

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Fished last weekend with Mike in Islamorada. We fished for three days. Mike is primarily a fly fisherman do that was our focus. We jumped three tarpon, one each day, but unfortunately all three came unbuttoned. We eased our pain with good sized jacks and snappers. We had a bunch of shots at sharks on the flats but they were not interested in the fly. I'm sure at least a few would have chewed on bait. But that's the chance you take to catch them on the fly. Pro Tip: Shark takes on the fly are very subtle. Rarely do you "feel" a strike. Watch the fly and the line. If the line moves and the fly disappears, it's time to strike.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

More Wind

Fished with the Mikes for a third day. Still windy. Still good. We caught fish on almost every cast. Snappers and jacks filled the bill and kept us entertained. Pro Tip: Learn to use a hook remover. If you are still grabbing a fish with a rag and using pliers, you are doing something wrong. Follow me on instagram. @captainjoehughes

More Islamorada

Fished with the Mikes again in Islamorada. I'm a bit behind in my posts so please forgive me. The wind blew and we dealt. The fish bit anyway. We hooked and broke off another Tarpon. Also we caught a bunch of jacks, snappers, yellowtail, and others. We had great action all day. Pro Tip: The faster the current, the slower the retrieve. Follow me on Instagram. @captainjoehughes

Monday, January 15, 2018


Fished with the Mike's on Saturday. We started out sight fishing on the flats. We caught and released five lemon sharks and a bonnet head shark. The big shorts up to about 70 pounds. We had quite a few shots. We also caught snappers, jacks, grouper, look downs, and even a bluefish. We had a lot of action all day. Pro Tip: The higher in the water column fish are on the flats the more likely they are to eat. Hi and happy is what we call it. When the fish are along the bottom there are less likely to eat. Who knows why this is but their body language and desire to eat is completely different.