Saturday, December 8, 2018


Fished last Saturday with Rick, Grant, and Matt for stripers. We jigged up a bunch of bass. I think we had around 25. We had good action but most were shorts. Pro Tip: Casting up current allows you to get deeper with lighter jigs.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Trolling Stripers

Fished today with Chris and Bubba and family. We headed out in the ocean and trolled up about six or seven stripers and two fluke. The stripers were up to 29". It was a fun day with a lot of "first" stripers caught. Pro Tip: Keep the boat in gear until it is pointed down sea. Keeping pressure on the fish keeps them from shaking off the heavy trolling lures.

45” Striper

Fished with Doug in the ocean for stripers. We found the birds and the fish. We jigged up a dozen bass to 45" and about forty pounds. Great day. Pro Tip: Braid breaks higher than the package indicates. Doug had his 40 pound fish on ten pound braid. Don't be afraid to go light. It's not as light as you think.

Rough and Tough

Fished yesterday with Jim, Joe, and John. Rough conditions made things tough. We rolled a donut yesterday and caught zero. Tough day. Pro Tip: In windy conditions, trolling in a beam sea allows you better control of your trolling speed.

Joe Hughes

Thanksgiving Friday

Fished with Chip and friends on Friday. The Friday after Thanksgiving Always seems to produce. We started out trolling with no success. We changed greats and found the birds and fish. We switched over to jigs and it was game on. We had around 15 stripers to around 35". Pro Tip: Using braid is really a plus when using light jigs. Ten pound braid allows light jigs to get down and catch fish when other techniques don't work.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ocean Stripers

Fished today with Mike and Mike for stripers in the ocean. We found them and caught several stripers up to about 28 pounds on jigs. The fish were picky but well placed casts produced fish. It was very visual and you could see the fish. Pro Tip: The type of birds feeding tells you the type of bait present. For example, terns indicate small bait like bay anchovies. Gannets feeding indicate larger bait like bunker.

Back Bay Bust

Fished yesterday in the bay with Fred, Donnie, and friends. We fished spot on the incoming tide with no luck. We may have had one on briefly but it got off. Pro Tip: The bite can be brief in the bay. The bite was good earlier in the week but only on certain parts of the tide.

Joe Hughes